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When was your last visit to the eye doctor?  Whether you need an annual eye exam, a consultation for contacts or a new prescription for your eye glasses, it is important to visit an optometrist at least once a year.  At Allied Vision Services, our optometrists, Dr. Markus Barth, Dr. Stuart Kolber, Dr. Paul E. Neiheiser, Dr. Alexander McGowan, Dr. Joseph Tobias, Dr. John J. Russo, have the credentials, experience and expertise you need to ensure your eyes are properly cared for. 

Our eye clinics provide optometry and eye exam services to Lawrenceville, Plainsboro, Flemington and Robbinsville.  Visit our optometry clinics for all of your vision and eye care needs. 

Find out more about Allied Vision's optometry services and our optometrists, Dr. Markus Barth, Dr. Stuart Kolber, Dr. Paul E. Neiheiser, Dr. Alexander McGowan, Dr. Joseph Tobias, and Dr. John J. Russo:

At Allied Vision Services our focus is on you.

Our eye doctors have been providing friendly and personalized service, along with high quality eyecare and eyewear for over thirty years.  Our philosophy is simple: offer the best and take the time to do it right.

Looking for an Optometrist in Lawrenceville, Plainsboro, Flemington or Robbinsville?

While most people schedule regular check-ups with doctors and dentists, many are not aware of the importance of an annual visit to the eye doctor. Regular eye exams can be the key to the early detection and treatment of emerging vision problems, eye diseases and a number of other health issues. When you come to Allied Vision Services for an eye exam, you will receive comprehensive service designed to find and correct any vision or eye issue you may or may not be aware of. Don't take good vision for granted, schedule an appointment today!


Q&A with Dr. Paul Neiheiser

Dr. Neiheiser Answers Your Eyecare Questions

I see fine without glasses. Why should I need a routine eye exam?

That's a question that I hear often. The answer is very simple. Your vision, while vitally important, is only part of what we check during an eye exam. Believe me, I'm glad you're seeing well and happier still that you can manage without glasses ( I wish I could! ). But in order to keep your good vision, the health of the eye must be maintained. There are numerous eye disorders and diseases that have no symptoms. These can quietly steal your sight before you realize that something is wrong. And like most anything, early detection is key to controlling or curing an eye problem. Annual eye exams for children are important because they are masters of hiding vision problems. They may not say that they can't see, but instead they may avoid reading or do poorly in school. We see our physician for an annual well visit when we feel great, and our dentist once a year when our teeth don't ache. There's nothing routine about the gift of sight ... help us to help you keep yours

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