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November 2015
Nov. 23 How Do We See?
Have you ever thought about how vision works? It's an incredible system and process!
Nov. 2 How to Prevent Diabetic Vision Loss
Prevention and treatment for eye complications associated with Diabetes
October 2015
Oct. 25 Decorative Lenses Could Cost You Your Vision
Oct. 13 It's Time to Be Serious About Home Eye Safety
Home Eye Injury Awareness and Prevention
September 2015
Sep. 24 6 Common Eye Myths Debunked
Sep. 3 Protective Sports Eyewear is a Serious Matter
August 2015
Aug. 30 How Pregnancy Affects Vision
Aug. 16 Is Your Baby’s EyeSight Developing Normally?
July 2015
Jul. 30 Guidelines For Picking the Right Pair of Shades
Jul. 24 6 Things You Need To Know About Cataracts
Jul. 21 What You Need to Know About Firework Eye Safety
May 2015
May. 29 5 Ways to Ensure Healthy Vision
May. 17 What Women Need to Know About Eye Health
April 2015
Apr. 30 Enjoying Life During Eye Allergy Season
Apr. 22 Introducing the new 1-Day Acuvue DEFINE Color-Enhancing Contact Lenses
March 2015
Mar. 31 Can you Really Go Blind from Looking at a Solar Eclipse?
Mar. 27 Robbinsville office closed for renovations: 3/28/15 --> 4/12/15
We are excited to be renovating our Robbinsville office.  For that reason, the office will be closed from Saturday March 28 through Sunday April 12, 2015.  We will re-open Monday April 13.  The phone will be up and running, so please call before stopping by or with any other questions.  We look forward to showing off our new space soon.  We're sorry for any inconvenience but please stop by when we are reopened.  Thanks!
Mar. 21 Plainsboro office closing just for the day, Saturday March 21, 2015
Plainsboro doctors and staff will be attending International Vision Expo in NYC, where the global community meets to experience the latest in technology, fashion and technology.  We're sorry for the inconvenience but please know we keeping up to date with the latest technology and newest fashions.  All to serve you better!
Mar. 19 10 Steps to Prevent Vision Loss
Mar. 11 Refocus on the Digital Age with Computer Glasses
Mar. 5 New News Item
Inclement weather hours!
February 2015
Feb. 12 Living With Low Vision
January 2015
Jan. 27 Under Pressure: Are you at Risk for Glaucoma?
Jan. 26 Inclement weather closings
Due to the anticipated heavy snowfall, please call our offices prior to coming to the office for your appointment or to pick up any items.

As of today, here are our upcoming hours:

Lawrenceville:  Will have a delayed opening at 1pm Tuesday January 27.
Plainsboro:  Will have a delayed opening at 1pm Tuesday January 27.  
Robbinsville:  Closed all day Tuesday January 27.  Plans to open Wednesday January 28.
Flemington:  Closed all day Tuesday January 27.  Normal hours resume Thursday January 29.
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