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Contact Lenses and Makeup: Advice from your Allied Vision Eye Doctor

If you wear contact lenses certain precautions should be taken when applying makeup. Here are a few basic pointers for ways to make sure your eyes stay looking great and safe.

Buying Makeup

To start, eye care professionals advise that you use only products that are fragrance and oil free. Further, to prevent peeling or smudging, which could result in irritating your contacts, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Lastly you should switch makeup used on your eyes at regular intervals - ideally replace mascara monthly, eyeliner after three months and shadows after half a year.

How to Safely Apply Cosmetics

Always be careful to rinse your hands thoroughly prior to applying your lenses. Put on all eye makeup with care so you don't touch your contacts. Don't apply mascara or eye liner to the lid inside the lashes and start mascara from the midpoint of the lashes instead of the bottom near the lid. Don't let another use your makeup or put makeup on when your eyes are swollen or infected.

It's also very important to clean off makeup every night with a hypoallergenic, oil-free remover. Don't forget to take out contacts before cleaning off cosmetics.

Taking proper care in using cosmetics during contact use can avoid irritated, swollen or inflamed eyes as well as scratches, breaks or breakdown of lenses.

If your eyes are swollen or infected don't use any cosmetics around the eyes. Feel free to contact your optometrist if you experience any swelling, discomfort, or inflammation. Our eye doctor can help you with any contact lens problems that are troubling you.

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