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Soft Lenses for Myopia Control

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Myopia Control via Dual Focus Soft Contact Lenses

Myopia control is aimed at slowing the progression of myopia, or near-sightedness. Myopia is a common refractive condition, making distance vision blurry for those who have it. Affected are about 100 million people in the United States (That’s over 30% of the general population). In parts of Asia, that rate rises to over 60% of young adults. It’s safe to say that myopia is somewhat of an epidemic, especially in industrialized countries.

Due to its prevalence and increasing rates, there is a lot of interest and research in reducing or controlling the rate at which myopia progresses. Let me first state that if there was one foolproof universally accepted remedy for myopia, we would all be practicing it. There is not. However, there are several methods that have scientific studies to support them, that show good results for many people.

Science has borne out that myopia is mainly caused by two factors: genetic and environmental. The genetic part simply means, that if a parent has myopia, your risk of developing it is greater. Unfortunately, we don’t know how to change that … yet. The environmental part has to do with how you use your eyes. We know that myopia is greater in those who read earlier and read more, attain a higher education, live in more urban environments, and spend fewer hours outdoors.

Our goal is to slow myopia via using dual focus contact lenses. Dual focus or multifocal contact lenses have been shown in studies to reduce the rate of nearsightedness by 30 to 50%. This is mainly due to reducing peripheral retinal hyperopic defocus, which slows the elongation of the eye itself, the main reason eyes become nearsighted. In so doing, we are influencing the environmental factor of myopia; however, we will always be pushing against the genetic factors which are out of our control.

Our method is to fit a series of these lenses, worn during the daytime, to slow eyeball elongation thereby slowing the myopia. Measurements will be taken at periodic intervals to ensure the proper fit of the lenses and to gauge their effect. Changes will be made as necessary. Our goal and your goal are the same: to slow down the progression of myopia. We will do everything possible to keep your eyes healthy while slowing down the nearsightedness.

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