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September is Home and Sports Eye Safety Month

In recognition of Home & Sports Eye Safety Month, we're going to focus on ways to keep your home safe for your eyes specifically for children. It's important to be proactive to ensure your home environment is an eye-safe zone.

In general, kids enter the world with an immature optical system that progresses with them. In the beginning, infants can view objects only up close. All through their developing stages, children are visually stimulated. Toys can be one of the fastest ways to stimulate a youngster's vision. Nevertheless, it's important to consider that a lot of childhood mishaps occur at home, many of them with games and toys.

How can you avoid compromising your children's eyes? Here is some quick advice for buying toys for the house that are safe for your child's eyes.

First off, ensure toys with long handles - such as play brooms- don't have sharp edges, and prohibit or monitor young children carefully if they are handling them. Though blocks are generally safe for kids of any age, it's important to make sure the edges are blunted, in order to avoid eye or other bodily injury. It's recommended that you steer clear of shooting toys, such as arrows or guns. In an instance where you can't eliminate them altogether, then shooting toys should be monitored by a responsible grown-up. If your older child works with chemicals or tools, make sure he or she wears protective glasses.

Toys are not the only danger in the household. Sharp corners on counters or tables are right at the level of the eye for small children and can frequently be the source of a serious injury. Cleaning solutions that are accessible are a further culprit for injury for children and must be kept out of reach or behind a locked cabinet to prevent curious children from obtaining them.

While it's true that toys won't always be totally harmless, there are numerous great playthings that can help children's eyesight. There are many toys customized for certain ages that provide amazing ways to advance optical development. When buying toys for youngsters, look for those that develop coordination between the hands and eyes and will encourage children to understand spatial relationships. You may want to consider trying to look on the Internet before making a purchase. Then you can ensure that your purchase is safe for your children's eyes and will enrich their optical development as well!

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