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Use Your FSA Credits Before it’s Too Late!

Need new glasses? Think it’s time for an eye exam? Contemplating Lasik? The time has arrived to take care of all of your eye and vision needs. As the end of the year advances, so does the end of your flex spending dollars. If flex spending doesn’t strike a familiar chord you likely don’t have a flex spending account but you should verify your health plan to clarify.

If you have an FSA through your employee benefits check how much credit you have left. The majority of plans require you to use all contributions no later than December 31st or you will lose it!

You can use your flex spending account to really save on your eye care necessities. Eye and contact lens examinations, glasses, contact lenses, even Lasik may all meet the requirements for repayment. Keep in mind that some procedures, such as Lasik have advanced screening which could cause a delay so call us sooner than later.

Call us if you have questions about your eye and vision care benefits. Our Plainsboro, NJ Optometry Practice is here for you!

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