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Contact Lenses

Central New Jersey Contact Lenses and Contact Lens Services

With so many options in contact lenses, our doctors will give you the benefit of many years of contact lens fitting experience and help find the perfect match for your eyes and your lifestyle. And once you are fit, ongoing care and adjustments will keep you and your eyes happy for years to come!

Daily disposables

Daily disposables are the fastest growing type of lens, and for many good reasons. They are the answer for those contact lens wearers that experience sensitivity to solutions or just want the utmost in convenience and comfort. They are great for kids because cleaning and care for lenses are simplified. They can also be helpful for people with dry or allergy eyes, or people who have tried other lenses without success. We now even have daily contact lenses for astigmatism and in multifocal, to allow freedom from reading glasses.

Monthly or bi-weekly lenses

These lenses can be tailored to your wear schedule and needs. Some are approved for overnight wear, while other are for daily use only. They all require some maintenance, and you will be instructed on proper solutions and care. Talk to one of our optometrists to find out what is best suited for you.


Whether your eyes are dark or light colored, we have lenses to change their color. There are now single-use colored lenses, perfect for people who just want to change their eye color occasionally.


This was once a major problem for people who wanted to wear contacts. Thanks to today’s superior technology, most people with astigmatism can be successfully fit by one of our doctors. What is astigmatism? Take a look in our eye health library for a good explanation.


Lenses to help you see close and far are now better than ever. Many people are able to do away with their reading glasses that they wore over top of their contact lenses. Or, if you are just beginning to realize that print has suddenly become smaller and you’re looking for brighter light to read, these may be a good solution for you. Ask our doctors if they might work for you.

Gas Permeable Hard Lenses

Do people still wear these things? Yes they do! And we fit them. Certain eye conditions and high degrees of astigmatism require these type lenses. They often provide superior vision to those who can’t wear soft lenses. In some cases, they can actually be the only way someone can achieve normal vision.


Finally, a soft lens specially designed for keratoconus patients! These lenses not only provide you with great vision but they are also comfortable as well. NovoKone – Finally soft lens for keratoconus patients. These lenses provide great vision and comfort. There’s also less problems with slipping when blinking with these lenses. Please note that these lenses are being fit by Dr. Al McGowan in our Flemington office only.

Get Contact Lenses in Plainsboro, Lawrenceville or Flemington

Contact Allied Vision Services in one of our four locations to get started with your new pair of contact lenses.